The Furdmont Chronicles™: Main Street Mayhem™ is the new way to teach kids and adults about diabetes.  The game will be downloadable on multiple platforms as 23 episodes.  Each episode has a basic teaching point about diabetes hidden woven within by way of allegories and metaphors.  These diabetic teaching points will be explained at the end of each episode.  Other allegories and metaphors are woven within the episodes as well to help create this Allegory Adventure™ game.


American Diabetes Association
The largest organization of diabetes educators in the US.  Their profession is dedicated to helping people learn more about diabetes so those with diabetes can live healthier lives.

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
A large group of physicians who specialize in the field of Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism.  These are the doctors who usually spend a good deal of their time and practice taking care of people with diabetes. Children with diabetes often see a pediatric endocrinologist for their diabetes care.

Joslin Diabetes Center
This is the world-famous diabetes center in Boston founded by Dr. Elliot Joslin, one of the pioneers in diabetes care.  It remains one of the top diabetes care centers in the country and is involved in groundbreaking clinical and research work in diabetes.


Teaching Guide 1
Teaching Guide 2