Welcome To Furdmont™!

Join Gordy, Schepp, Dorble, Truman and their friends in an epic adventure to save the town of Furdmont™. The crew lives in the small, idyllic American town where strange and dangerous things start happening. It’s your job to help them figure out who or what is responsible for all of the mayhem and save the town from impending destruction.


  • Gordy

    Gordy’s an armadillo who’s a bit philosophical about life. He lives with his friends Dorble and Schepp on Main Street in Furdmont™. When the going gets tough in Furdmont, he helps lead the charge to try to save Furdmont from the mayhem that comes upon them.

  • Yashuga

    You’ll learn much more about this ornery guy when you play the Furdmont Chronicles™.

  • Furdmont Fred

    Groundhog Day and the celebration of everything “groundhog” is big in the town of Furdmont™. Maybe a little too big (?) Furdmont Fred is the groundhog in Furdmont™. He’s as much a celebrity in the town as he is a slacker. Let’s face it – his only real job is to get pulled out of his groundhog hole one day each year and look for his shadow.

  • Truman

    Schepp’s weiner dog and constant companion. He’s the definition of loyalty.

  • Dorble

    Another member of the main crew. He’s got high energy and high anxiety. Dorble is a great friend to Gordy, Schepp, and Truman, and even when things start to “split up” in Furdmont™, he and his friends will seem to do the right thing.

  • Schepp

    He’s Gordy’s best friend and companion. He’s soft spoken and shy. Gordy can always count on him to be right by his side and help out in good times and bad. Schepp’s loyalty for Gordy is equal only to his love for his weiner dog – Truman – who’s a constant companion.