CartoonMD® is a web site which brings you medical information in the “easily-digested” format of cartoons. The cartoons are created and drawn by our physician-cartoonist, Dr. Grady.  Along with the help of pioneering video game developer David Warhol and his team at Realtime Associates, novelist and screenwriter FJ Lennon,  and other members of the CartoonMD team, Dr. Grady now brings a unique form of diabetes education in the form of the cartoon/game “The Furdmont Chronicles™: Main Street Mayhem™.” Enjoy!

Dr. Grady

Dr. Grady is a physician and cartoonist who has been teaching adults and kids alike about medical topics with his cartoons and cartoon characters for over a decade at CartoonMD®.com. He trained in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at Harvard University’s Joint Program between the Joslin Diabetes Center and the Lahey Clinic. He is currently in full time practice.