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How To Make Grocery Shopping With Kids Easier

Grocery Shopping With Your Children Getting your children to try new foods, especially the ones you wish they’d eat the most, can be one of the most frustrating parts of parenting. There are a lot of different tricks and methods to get your children to sample new foods but we …Read More

The Best Diabetes Resources

Whether it’s type 1 or 2, you’re 5 or 55 a diabetes can diagnosis can signal a major life change.  Any time we get news about our health it means a change for our lifestyle and it’s up to us to decide how positive we want that change to be.  …Read More

Why Medical Gaming is the Next Big Thing for HealthCare

Our lives are entrenched in technology and media, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that companies who refuse to update their businesses to be in line with current technologies simply won’t reach consumers where they are. When we created Cartoon MD we wanted help to people lead better lives and have fun …Read More