The Game

Let’s face it. Learning about complicated healthcare issues like diabetes can be dry and boring. That’s why Joslin-trained, board-certified endocrinologist Dr. Grady of CartoonMD®.com has teamed up with one of the pioneers in the video gaming industry to create an Allegory Adventure™ game The Furdmont Chronicles™: Main Street Mayhem™. Available on multiple platforms, this new game is first and foremost fun, but also makes learning about diabetes understandable and easy.

Join Gordy, Schepp, Dorble, Truman and all their friends and neighbors in their epic adventure to save the town. The gang lives in the small, idyllic American town of Furdmont™, but strange and dangerous things start happening in the town, with many of the townsfolk. The chaos that creeps in pits neighbor against neighbor and North Furdmont against South Furdmont. It’s your job to help the gang figure out what or who is responsible for all of the mayhem and save the town from impending destruction that occurred in the nearby town of Sniddleville.

Fun for kids as well as adults, the whole family can join in on the adventure.